History of Paradigm Conflict

Paradigm Conflict has a long history even though the corp has only been open since Dec, 2017. We opened PSHTZ to change the name of our old corp Easy Company Rock Grinders. Our corp used to be all about mining and building. Later on after joining LAWN in Delve we became more PvP focused and considering our name was “rock grinders” we wanted to change our look to match our focus. We still do mining and building just our main focus is now PvP instead of it being our secondary focus. That is a short history of our corp here is a bit more.

So as we said before our corp name used to be EZRG. EZRG was created due to a war that happened in the north a while ago known as The Casino War. It all started as part of our main corp Easy Co. During the was our alliance Get Off My LAWN and our allies The Bastion evac’ed out of The Vale of the Silent to Saranen system right out side of Pure Blind. We were on the out skirts of our coalitions main force and out of reach if we were attacked so we retreated back to where the rest of our coalition (The Imperium) were a bit more north. We spend about 3 weeks there going on fleets and defending our coalition against the enemy force that was trying to penetrate our boarders. After the 3 weeks we moved to Syndicate to try and settle and re build our wallets a bit. We stayed there for about 2 months before being recalled back to Saranen to help with the war.

After a time our members wallets were running low again and our ability to make isk was not going so well. This is how EZRG was born, so we had lost a few members due to this and them getting board with fleet after fleet and they wanted something else so 2 guys got together and came up with a plan. Sybegh which was wanting to leave for the same reason and Fenris one of the Directors in EZCO. Fenris approached Sybegh about making a alt corp that could be kinda a safe haven for the EZCO members that wanted to Mine and have a bit more of a casual time on their alts when they needed money and/or got board with fleets. They talked for a few days and Sybegh agreed to lead this Alt Corp. Sybegh talked to another member that he had played with for a long time named Xi Fu to help him on the project. Between the 3 of them they came up with the name Easy Company Rock Grinders (.EZRG) and the last thing to settle was what type of corp was it going to be and where were they going to live/operate.

Well the first thought was High Sec, so they could mine and do missions to make money and also help out when things needed to be refueled/restocked over in Saranen. But Sybegh had another idea, He wanted to get back kinda what they had in Vale. Sybegh had been playing eve for quite some time and has been around the block a few times at least. (LOL) He had lived in Providence before with one of his previous corps and knew there NRDS (Not Red Dont Shoot) policy they have there and since the corp was not red to them because it was just created they could move in to Provi and build something there for the new corp. Since Provi (Providence) was null sec they could still get the great benefits like quality ore’s and ratting instead of mission’ing. (pays wayyyyy better lolz) Which is why they did not want to be in High Sec, we are Null sec pilots and to be honest… Well High sec was not good enough for us. You see back then Provi was the only place in Sov Null sec you could go and not be shot on site. The SOV holders Provi Bloc had rules to live in there space. (Provi Bloc is a coalition that lived in Provi and parts of Catch) The first of these rules were to obey the NRDS policy they had toward neutral pilots. Most of alliances policy toward neuts (neutral pilots) was NBSI Policy (Not Blue Shoot It) so this is a unique thing in New Eden that does not exist any where except in Provi.

So now that the corp was created and we had a idea of where we wanted to live and what we wanted out of our new home we started our journey into the un forgiving universe of New Eden. So we moved into the system of INQ-WR the back most pocket of Provi so we could get started up. We chose INQ because it was quite, in a pocket, had a ice belt, decent security status, and had a Fortizar Citadel in system that we could dock our caps at. Also Sybegh had lived in that pocket before and thought he might know a few people in the area. (he found 1 or 2 people he knew from the old days) So we moved in and the people there were not happy to see us to say the least. Remember the policy was NRDS but we were still neutral to them and they had never seen us before. But with Sybegh’s personality of wanting to make friends every where we go, and Xi Fu’s personality of wanting to help the people we live with we made friends very quickly.

EZRG started with just the 2 of them but also had the Might of EZCO behind them. Soon members of EZCO started putting their alts in the EZRG and came out to relax and have some fun in Provi. After getting 7 to 10 alts from EZCO and making friends with the locals Sybegh decided this could be more then just a alt corp and started to build the corp structure. After making bulletins, corp adds, corp description, special titles, ect ect… Sybegh began to recruit for EZRG as a corp and soon after they had 5 to 10 new members (with some alts of their own) within a month that had no affiliation to EZCO at all. Things were going well and they continued to grow and make more and more friends. About 3 months and they decided it was time to join a alliance in their new home in Provi.

Sybegh looked at a number of alliances in Provi and it was tough to decide. He looked at all the Provi Bloc alliances and decided they were to small and did not want to join a major coalition with requirements and CTA’s and stuff like that. EZRG was still just getting off at the time and did not think that was going to be a good fit with ties back to The Imperium coalition. So there were lots of alliances that were neutral but had blue standings to Provi Bloc which opened them up to get things like intell channels, jump bridges, PvP fleets, and lots more benefits with out joining the actual coalition. So now that they knew what they were looking for they started to look at all the neutral alliances that lived in Provi. Sybegh met a guy named Rezard which was the Excutor of the alliance called Zaibatzu Mercentile. ZAIB was blue with Provi Bloc and had pretty much every thing we were looking for at the time.

So after the corp discussed it they decided this was the best fit. ZAIB had no requirements except to follow Provi Bloc rules and we didn’t even haft to move out of our home of INQ. So we applied and shortly after we war dec’ed by Pirate (a high sec alliance that camps trade hubs) so we had to wait before we could join our new Alliance ZAIB. That war lasted about 4 weeks and we continued to grow while waiting and doing our normal thing. We did not make trips to High Sec that often so the war dec did not really effect us. Sybegh spoke with Rezard about us joining any ways and he agreed. The war dec carried over to ZAIB but only lasted about a week so was no big deal. EZRG took joining a alliance very serious, we wanted to be where they were and work together with our new allies. ZAIB did not really operate that way, most were only in the alliance to get the benefits of blue status to Provi Bloc but there were a few in the area of FX-7EM including Rezard’s corp so we decided to move over there with them. After moving in we tried to rally the troops there and get them more PvP ready. About this time Fenris decided to join us from EZCO with his main. With Fenris being a FC (Fleet Commander) it really helped out getting all of us to go out and PvP more. That is when our first Blood Rage was born.

Fenris brought a Fire with him that we needed. With Fenris also brought Kelly, Tassadar, and Adin with him from EZCO. Each soon after became directors with their own focus. EZRG was made as a indy alt corp so for some of us PvP was new to us, or should i say successful PvP was new to us. We started with just some defense ops when things came our way. That was the spark we needed, after doing defensive ops for a while we got into coalition fleets and small gang war fare. We brought some of our alliance mates in on the fun as well and they loved it. After a few months of this we went to the alliance and asked for more participation from other corps in the alliance and also asked questions about people moving closer so they could join in to. We also continued our mining ops and building different things. We also asked to get more people involved with mining and having some alliance projects and growing. Rezard was excited that we wanted to grow the alliance and build the alliance up. He tried different ways to get people involved and help us with growing the alliance.

So the guys that came from EZCO each added some thing that we needed. Kelly was made Directer of HR (human resources) and her and Sybegh handled most of recruiting. Kelly had tons of experience with recruitment and was very good at it. After a few months we had even more people and were growing pretty fast. Tassadar brought lots of PvP experience with him just like Fenris. Tassadar was made Diplomat and second Director of War with Fenris being Director of War. Adin had amazing experience in Industrial and building. He lead up our indy side with Xi Fu (Co-CEO) and made sure every one had what they needed. With the added leadership every side of the corp started thriving. After a few months of trying to work with our alliance we found they were a bit set in their ways and liked being more spread out and solo mentality. Our corp leadership got together and decided that we are growing past what our alliance is. We did not fault them for not wanting to grow in the same way as us and decided it was time to leave and part ways. We had a conversation with Rezard and he was sad to see us leave but we left on good terms with a invite back if we ever needed a home.

So this time looking for a alliance it was a bit different. We had a long meeting about exactly what we were looking for and our corp needed. Just like last time we considered many different options and the first we looked for were non Provi Bloc alliances. We spent a time looking at the pro’s and con’s of each one. None of them fit what we were looking for… So we re-evaluated and decided we should look for a alliance with in Provi Bloc because they are probably the only ones that were out here that had most if not all the things we wanted out of a alliance. We wanted to keep our core mentality of industrial and add PvP into it as well. We were looking for a alliance that matched and we knew we didnt want to leave Provi so we narrowed it down to one option after hours of debating.

We approached APOC (Apocalypse Now) alliance about joining. After Sybegh sent the initial mail to JedsZero Executor of APOC it was not to long we were in diplomatic talks with them about joining. The process took about 2 weeks and we joined APOC. We were asked to move into a system called IS-7RP which was a entry point into Provi from catch. This system did not have many people in it due to the fact it was a HUGE system and was 1 jump into catch. It was also on a main pipe into Provi straight to Provi Bloc Staging. But we moved there and met of course met some friends. Every one in that system was industrial based corps that wanted to PvP but did not do it often. We moved into a Astrahus Citadel owned by DAROK corp in APOC. Once we got in we met each of the corps living there and the neuts as well. So when reds came into the system every one docked up and waited for them to leave but they quickly noticed that EZRG met them on the gate and won some and lost some. With our guys bragging about how we slaughtered them (of course we said nothing about the losses lolz) the other 2 main corps that were living in IS- in the alliance wanted to join in. So EZRG, D3RP, and DAROK had a meeting about it. We all had the same mentality and the same goals for our corps. We came up with different ships to fly and have on the ready for defense ops, we had people step up and want to FC from each corp, as our killboards grew so did our corps. Talks on comms were no longer just about “which crystal should i use on ores” they were about “which ship is better the rusty old claw or the shiny Maladiction”.  The fire and blood rage spread to the other corps like wild fires.


Ill add more to this later