Paradigm Conflict

Welcome to Paradigm Conflict home page. If you are looking to join the corp click on the “How To Join” button at the top of the page. We are a corp that does just about every thing in eve. We PvP, Rat, Incursion, Build, Mine, DED Site, and even have a wormhole campus. We are a Proud member of LAWN Alliance and The Imperium coalition. To learn more about our corp and what we do/have to offer please check out the about page to learn more about us.

Message from Sybegh
Hey Guys,
Members make sure you check the forums regularly for updates and current events. The moon mining schedule will be posted on the the moon page when we get it up and running. Until then you can check the forums or the alliance SeAT for moon mining for PSHTZ moons. Also check the announcements channel on discord their are regular updates there as well. Jump in fleets and make Dat Dank isk!!!
Also keep in mind that we are still collecting PI and salvage for the new structures. We have our Raitaru up and running and we are ready to move to the next one. Don’t forget to jump in on the PSHTZ moon mining ops. The OPs are not just for the corp you will get to keep every thing you mine, See the corp bulletins ingame for more details about the moon stuff, or check here on the site on the news page. We are out there for quite a while so there is plenty of ore to be had and it is a good time with your corp mates. Also if you ever need to get ahold of me i am available via discord so hit me up any time!!
See you in fleet o7

Message from HoleFuk
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Hey PSHTZ and Guest,
I am Co-CEO of PSHTZ if you need any help let me know. I am a member of LAWN Skyteam and Lead Cord for USTZ. I am also a Coalition Fleet Commander and running fleets all the time. If you need help with fittings, PvP training, or anything else I am always available. Also remember to be on discord, jabber, and TS3 that is normally where most of the action is happening out of game.
We are a Corp that does every thing in the game but our primary focus is PvP. We require 4 fleets a month and offer plenty of ways/oppertunites on meeting those requirements. We have a total of 4 FC’s in the corp alone that are all Alliance FC’s and Coalition FC’s. Our corp focus’s on what we can offer each other not what you can offer the “corp” but can we offer you. All that is required of you is the 4 fleets other then that you are free to do as you like. Most of our guys team up on every thing from PvP, Ratting, Mining, does not matter. We even team up on PI. So if you enjoy a team then i urge you to apply, if you enjoy solo i would not recommend our corp because you probably wont like it at all.



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